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Founded in 2009 fall, Silverlining Technologies specialize in providing the state-of-art mobile solutions to our customers, primarily in the smart-phone platform area. Our staff consists of technical experts and business professionals with extensive functional and industry-related experience. We help our customers to bring their products to the market quickly with the benefit of our superior services and technology. We are expertise in the following areas of software development and consulting:

  [1]  Apple iPhone (and iPod Touch) applications


With the release of the iphone 2.0 comes the capability to develop native applications which can be distributed through Apple's iTune App Store. Given the power of the platform, the possibilities for custom applications are endless. Our staff are very skilled in writing Object C code in iPhone SDK environment. (Apple icon: Copyright (c) Apple)

  [2]  Google Android Platform applications:

Google's Android platform for mobile devices includes an operating system, middle-ware and a rich set of APIs. Our engineers have excellent programming skills which can help our clients to develop Java apps on Android-powered devices or submit their apps to Google's online software store - Android Market. (Android icon: Copyright (c) Google)



Copyright (c)2009 Silverlining-Tech
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